VALIANT Teases Return of World's Worst Superhero Team


Valiant won Publisher of the Year in 2012 (for under 4% marketshare) and doesn't plan to slow down in 2013. With the introduction in Harbinger Wars of H.A.R.D. Corps and Master Darque's return in Shadowman, it's clear Valiant is willing to dig into their catalog and pull out all the fan favorites.

Count two more.

In a teaser that simply says "The World's Greatest Comic Book Company Presents... The World's Worst Superhero Team" released Thursday afternoon, the company is clearly teasing the return of Quantum and Woody. The duo went by that moniker on the cover of every issue [see the history of Quantum and Woody here] and will make their way into the new Valiant Universe this summer.

No word yet on whether they'll be in their own book or as guest stars in another (and Archer & Armstrong team-up perhaps?) and more importantly, no word yet on whether or not there will be a goat. More on Quantum and Woody's return soon.

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