Nick Spencer Shows Glimpse of His Not-to-Be SUPERGIRL Plans

…Speaking of DC writers leaving books before their runs began.

Writer Nick Spencer commented via Twitter earlier Wednesday in response to Andy Diggle announcing his exit “for professional reasons” from Action Comics before his first issue goes on sale.

"sorry to hear that, man. Been there. You made the right call,” Spencer tweeted at Diggle.

Spencer was presumably referring to his own exit off the pre-New 52 Supergirl series in late 2010.

Previously announced as the new regular writer, DC and Spencer jointly announced he’d be leaving the title after only completing part of his first issue (#60).

At the time DC reported he was leaving to focus on writing a T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents title he was also working on, but Spencer later reportedly revealed that DC editorial didn’t like the work he was turning in.

reportedly an


Supergirl #62


by Amy Reeder

Jump-cut to today and perhaps prompted by the Diggle-Action and Joshua Hale Fialkov-Green Lantern Corps/Red Lantern news of the day, Spencer posted the following on his Tumblr page, a short synopsis of what his early Supergirl plans were, along with this Amy Reeder image Spencer reports would have been the cover to Supergirl #62.

Wrote Spencer:

“by the amazing Amy Reeder— the unpublished cover for SUPERGIRL 62.

“Would’ve been fun.

“Actually, figure it’s way past time I told you what the plan was, right?

“The idea for the story was pretty simple: Kara learns how to be a leader. She had, to that point, been almost exclusively used as either a solo character, or in a supporting role on a team. I felt like someone wearing that ‘S’ on their chest would find people looking to them for answers when things got bad.

“The villain was intended to be the Luthor-Brainiac hybrid clone that Geoff Johns seeded in Adventure Comics. That scene in the one issue I did half of, with Lois running into the Planet offices, the original line was “Who here knew Lex Luthor had a son?”

“The original hope had been to use Aqualad here, too.

“The story beats that really stand out, to me:

“I know I wanted to have a scene where the fight gets really hectic, and Impulse runs away, with Kara really calmly and sympathetically talking to her about it, just the two of them, in the aftermath. That was supposed to be the big moment that Kara comes into her own.

“The entire team (except for Kara) were gonna get captured, and Kara would go to Superman, Batman, & Wonder Woman for advice— and from there, putting together ANOTHER team to rescue them (I forget who all was on that one- Black Alice, Klarion, Shining Knight, Arrowette, I think).

“The whole thing would climax at the launch party for the Flyover app, and the last scene was Impulse pulling Damian onto the dancefloor.

“My secret hope was that the whole thing could work as a back-door pilot of sorts for a new Young Justice series.

“That obviously didn’t happen : )”

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