Singer Meets Millar, MAGNETO To Marry PROFESSOR X (Really)

In his capacity as creative consultant for Fox's Marvel movies, Mark Millar has written on his Millarworld forums about a Monday conversation with X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer.

Perhaps most enticingly, Millar reported that "There's a very exciting announcement you guys will hear about over the coming months (if not before)," though he didn't provide any further details. Turning towards the already-announced projects, Millar called Days of Future Past "potentially the biggest and most ambitious superhero movie ever made," and said that he'll be watching "a very near final cut" of The Wolverine next month.

In tangentially related X-Men movie news, The Hollywood Reporter has word that Ian McKellen is set to officiate at Patrick Stewart's wedding to jazz singer Sunny Ozell. McKellen discussed the upcoming nuptials on a recent appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show.

Towards the end of the THR article, the author states, "Both [Stewart] and McKellen will reprise their X-Men roles in flashback scenes in the upcoming prequel, X-Men: Days of Future Past." The use of the word "flashback" is conspicuous and could theoretically provide some hints — seeing as how their versions of Professor X and Magneto are actually from the future, relative to the First Class cast — but could also just be a presumption.

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