'COBRA' Turns to Kickstarter to Recoup G.I. Joe Damages

Kickstarter can mean big bucks — as recently seen from the $3.65 million raked in by the future Veronica Mars movie in less than a week.

A parody campaign by "Cobra Commander" — apparently a Los Angeles resident — is looking for that and more in a "Public Art" Kickstarter seeking $21,474,836 for repairs to Cobra Island following "an attack by the terrorist militia known as GI JOE." The campaign originated from comedy group Dumbsh*t Mountain, and "incentives" include the services of Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander's true identity (the video also reveals another one, aimed at more prurient interests).

Meanwhile, in a piece of official G.I. Joe: Retaliation promotion, a somewhat similarly themed teaser video also takes the Cobra perspective:

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