DC Reveals Full April SUICIDE SQUAD Cover


It looks like the full cover reveals of DC's April titles are going to start coming fast and furious - Monday morning the publisher revealed the rightside of the full gatefold cover to Suicide Squad #19, featuring the team's surprise new leader.

More than any other book, Suicide Squad has gone through several cast changes. That's of course by design - it's not called the shiny rainbow pony squad, after all. The new leader certainly lends an even deeper military aspect to the title, an interesting inclusion after DC's repeated failed attempts to get their military characters into the spotlight of the New 52, including Blackhawks, Men of War, and G.I. Combat.

Suicide Squad follows Friday's reveals of the Batman and Earth 2 covers, which featured the surprise enemy of Bruce Wayne and the New 52 premiere of a fan-favorite character, respectively.

Click on the left half of the image to get a look at the full cover, including the surprise element DC is no longer referring to as 'WTF'.

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