STAR WARS Gets in on MADNESS in March Tournament


Yes, March and April are always time for tournaments, and a little Madness that comes with it. Well, Lucasfilm and are getting in on the fun with a tournament of their own champions, both from the Light Side and the Dark Side of The Force.

Fans can vote for their own favorites when voting opens on Monday March 18, 2013, as Jedi face down droids and Sith Lords fight off the bounty hunters and pirates who terrorize the galaxy.

As for us? We certainly have our picks. We're hoping Ahsoka can ride the sympathy vote into the semi-finals at least, we're pulling for Asajj Ventress to get the upset over Darth Maul, and while we don't love Count Dooku, we'd love to see Tarkin go down in the first round.

But who are we kidding, this is gonna come down to Han Solo vs. Darth Vader, isn't it?

Check out Darth Vader's recruitment video below (with all sorts of fun goofiness only Star Wars can pull off) and make sure to check in at on Monday! 

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