Own Original Art for DEATH OF ROBIN for Price of a Computer!


You can own a piece of comic book history - provided you have a sizable disposable income. Reputable art dealer Cadence Comic Art is taking a different approach to a very special issue's pages: rather than selling them for a set price on the dealership website as usual, they've posted select pages of Batman, Incorporated #8 by Chris Burnham on eBay, letting the free market decide their price.

And one day later, the two most important pages: a two-page thread showing the death of Robin, Damian Wayne, and the final page of the issue showing Bruce Wayne, Batman, cradling his son in his arms and reacting to the events, have both rocketed from 99 cents up to over $1600 (the spread, as of press time, is all the way up to $1800). Some covers on the Cadence site have been known to sell for up to $3000, so the next nine days of action should be interesting to see.


Also interesting, as first noticed by Bleeding Cool, is that this art is actually different from what saw print. In the two-page spread, Damian's face is much more visible than in the comic, as is the blade being thrust through him. In the final page, where the print version had Batman looking down at his son, the original drawing had him looking in pain right at the reader.

Other pages in the mix include the cover, Nightwing and Robin's final tear-jerking conversation, and some assorted butt-kicking. Some as low as $415!

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