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Hey. Spoilers.

I thought that there were several bits in this episode that represented improvements, but those were juxtaposed against a couple of staggeringly, well, dumb moments. In terms of pacing, this was definitely an “A”. Things moved quickly, some plot points had some (seemingly) “real” consequences, and the potential weeding down of the cast continued.

This episode opened with what I considered to be a big moment: Sylar burning Elle’s body. It was something of a statement, since we a) actually saw the body, and b) saw Sylar douse it in fuel and set it ablaze. That should clear up both the “aw, she’ll just come back” and the “how serious are they” questions for at least a few minutes.

Most of the episode centered around Hiro and Claire’s adventure in the past. Despite the show’s crippling over-reliance on time travel, I thought that this was a high point, mainly due to the interaction of Masi Oka and Hayden Panettiere. The duo demonstrated some fine comedic timing as they attempted to comprehend both their mission and each other. In fact, Hayden Panettiere was very credible in her scenes with her parents in the past; that was a warm, intelligent Claire, and we should get to see that more frequently.

Similarly, I’m happy that we’re finally rid of Hiro believing that he’s 10. I’m not sure how ultimately necessary it was to wrap so much of his backstory around time paradoxes and involving his mother and her death in his healing. Nevertheless, maybe Hiro can stop being so goofy and at least move toward competence.

And speaking of goofy . . . that was every moment of Matt, Daphne, and Ando’s visit to the bike messenger service. So the bike messenger has had the art for over a year, and the “fanboys” want it, but he hasn’t sold it and just has it there. In a locker. I think that this was resolved so quickly because the writers knew this bit was a dog. Another unbright minute here came when Ando got excited about the prospect of the serum possibly giving him time travel powers so that he could rescue Hiro. Because, you know, with the variety of powers, it’s soooo likely that Ando would get exactly those powers from a random injection.

Speaking of injections, Arthur activated Mohinder’s formula after leaping to the past and swiping the catalyst from Hiro. (I’ve noticed that people complained about Arthur being able to time travel, but it’s likely that he got that power when he absorbed all of Peter’s abilities.) Mohinder, Tracy and Nathan administered the formula to one of a batch of marines that they’d brought in for that purpose, and he got super-strength. Actually, it would have been rather funny if he got time travel.

A few threads came to a head with Peter and The Haitian arrived to kill Arthur. Peter balked, but an arriving Sylar (who had gone back to cutting a swath through powered folk) did the deed for him. That is, if Arthur really bought it; Mama P had told Peter to get him in the back of the head, and Sylar’s telekinetically-powered bullet definitely went in the front.

So, by this point, we’ve got two dead villains, a re-eviled Sylar, the potential of a powered battalion, a depowered Peter, and Hiro trapped in the past. Those elements could make for an exciting mid-season finale. What do you think? Did they really smoke Arthur? What needs to go down for you to be excited about the show? Speak, all.


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