ABC Takes a Look at Vertigo's Fables

Bigby, Snow, the Adversary and all the rest from DC/Vertigo’s Fables may soon be appearing on your television as well as in comics. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the acclaimed series by Bill Wilingham is headed to ABC.

ABC has commited to a pilot for a series based on the comic, written by Six Degress Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzner and directed by David Semel. The pilot will be produced by Warner Bros. TV and will take the form of an hour-long drama.

From The Reporter:

Zicherman and Metzner wouldn't elaborate which fairy tale characters will be featured in the TV series, but noted that Big Bad Wolf and Snow White, who are central to the comics, will have a similar role on the show.

"We set up a structure to allow any fairy tale character to show up in any one episode," Metzner said.

This is the second time Fables has been near television, as NBC looked at developing a series with writer Craig Silverstein in the 2006-2007 development season.

Zicherman and Metzner, who'v ebeen writing together for 10 years, are described as lifelong comic book fans who fell in love with the series when it debuted in 2002. Semel has directed pilots for a wide range of series including Heroes, Life, My Own Worst Enemy and The Cleaner.

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