Cast Off: Wonder Woman Winner: Morena Baccarin

Cast Off: WW Winner - Morena Baccarin

We asked, you suggested. We counted and recorded, and then asked again.

Over 6000 votes later, Newsarama readers have selected Morena Baccarin to play Wonder Woman on screen, that is, if a Wonder Woman movie ever moves out of pre-production hell in our collective lifetimes.

Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother) came in at a relatively close second, and Megan Fox (herself the subject of a Wonder Woman casting hoax) came in third. The list of final three candidates was put together based on suggestions of Newsarama readers.

As with the Cast-Off voting for Captain America, appearance and physical similarity to the character seemed to weigh the heaviest in the minds of voters, although many did point out that in comics, Wonder Woman is shown to be in the neighborhood of 6’ tall – something of a stretch for the 5’ 7 ½” Baccarin.

Again, as was seen during the actress suggestions for Wonder Woman as well as the casting vote for Captain America, the touch of Joss Whedon seems to have an influence over fans, as actors associated with Whedon have made the final rounds of both Cast-Offs, Nathan Fillion as a possibility for Captain America, and of course, Baccarin and Smulders here (Smulders was reportedly Whedon’s choice to play Wonder Woman when he was working on the film).

If – and yes, we’re admitting that it’s a big if a Wonder Woman film were to progress with Baccarin cast in the leading role, it would be a return to genre for her (she’s appeared in Firefly and Stargate previously), not to mention a return to the DC Universe, as she provided the voice for Black Canary in Justice League Unlimited.

When Whedon was actively working on the Wonder Woman film, Baccarin’s was floated by many sources as being in the running for the lead role, to which she responded when asked, “I’m not going to say no to a superhero but it’s not up to me.”

And yes, we’re still going with our pick of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman’s mother, Hippolyta in the film version. Nothing will make us change our minds on that. Nothing!

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