Zack Snyder Cuts 10 More Minutes From 'Watchmen'

2009 Film based on graphic novel, set in an alternate 1985 universe of nuclear war

According to Tuesday report on the Sci-Fire Wire, Watchmen director Zack Snyder has turned in a new edit of the film to Warner Bros., the latest version clocking in at two hours and 35 minutes. This is roughly 10 minutes down from the approximate 2:45 running time that Snyder has been citing since last summer's convention season.

The new edit has not received final approval by the studio.

The film's running time has been a continued source of conversation, and some controversy, within fan circles, with one group fans even organizing to try to petition Warner Bros. to release a 3-hour theatrical version, to allow the director to as faithfully adapt the Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons graphic novel for film as possible.

Snyder reiterated to the Sc-Fi Wire that a 3:10 "director's cut" is already planned for the eventual home video release, along with a 3:40 version that incorporates the animated short version of the comic-book-within-Watchmen "Tales of the Black Freighter", edited into the main film.

Watchmen is scheduled to open nationally on March 6, 2009


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