X-Infernus: Setting the Stage With CB Cebulski

Catching Up with CB Cebulski

X-Men: Infernus
X-Men: Infernus
Don’t have any idea what’s going on in this week’s X-Infernus by C.B. Cebulski and Giuseppe Camuncoli? The last time you saw Illyana Rasputin, she and Kitty Pryde were best friends, and she had human feet? Remember Belasco circa the days of the original New Mutants, but are a little hazy on what’s happened since?

We’re there with you, and here for you.

First off, Marvel.com has posted X-Infernus Saga #1 online to bring you up to speed, and secondly, we hit Cebulski with a confused look and seven questions. Thirdly, check out the first 13 pages of issue #1 right here.

So here we go –hope this helps if you’re looking to pick up X-Infernus #1 tomorrow in the US (or in Canada today)

Newsarama: Okay C.B. - isn't Illyana dead - or turned back into a baby...or something?

C.B. Cebulski: Or something, indeed. That's the million dollar question. Yes, Illyana has one of the most complicated backstories in the Marvel Universe, filled with aging and de-aging and alternate dimensions and death and rebirth. But it's something we're trying to clear up once and for all here in X-Infernus.

NRAMA: So she's in charge of Limbo, but soulless. So where's her soul? And if she's soulless, who's behind the wheel in her head?

CBC: At the moment, the Darkchilde persona is driving the Illyana bus. Her soul is out there, in different pieces, and she's on a mission to get it back.

X-Infernus #2

NRAMA: The last time we heard the word 'Inferno' in relation to the X-Men, Madelyne Pryor was the key figure. She's just come back over in Uncanny X-Men...is X-Infernus related to her return?

CBC: No, Fraction has a thing for red-heads so he took Maddie. Given my Swedish heritage, I have a natural predilection for blondes, so I claimed Illyana. As hot as it would be, the two won't be meeting in X-Infernus unfortunately.

NRAMA: Fair enough. He’s on the cover to issue #2, and is her bother after all, so how does Colossus feel about all of this?

CBC: To say that he's unhappy would be an understatement. He's dying to take his aggression out on more than just Cyclops' desk and he'll get his chance to vent very soon. With a big axe in hand.

NRAMA: As we remember it, the Soulsword was always a big part of Illyana’s powers as Darkchilde. Where’s it at now?

CBC: It's hidden inside the soul of one of the X-Men. One of the blue ones.

NRAMA: What is up with Illyana/Darkchilde's legs?

CBC: What do you mean "what's up"? What's wrong with them?! Goat legs are hot! Just ask any furry.

NRAMA: Er. We’ll take your word for it. Finally, what key issues should people pick up to get them set for X-Infernus #1?

CBC: I'd start by recommending reading the X-Infernus Saga which is available for free on Marvel.com. Then there was the X-Men: Quest for Magik special that came out a few months back with a beautiful Olivier Coipel cover that collects a lot of the different Illyana stories from over the years. And the New X-Men: Childhood's End trade will get you up to speed on all things Limbonic.

Is that even a word?

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