READER POLL - How Do You Rate 'Batman R.I.P'?

POLL - How Do You Rate Batman R.I.P.?

An ultimate betrayal. A secret, hidden Batman personality. The mysterious phrase "Zur-En-Arrh". Bat-Mite! New questions (perhaps?) about Bruce Wayne's father. And of course the ultimate fate of the Dark Knight!?

Batman R.I.P. concluded last week in the pages of Batman #681 and in trademark Grant Morrison-written fashion, it was full of big, sometimes even off-the-wall ideas, perhaps as many new questions as answers, and of course, wide-ranging reaction from comic book fans.

Newsarama wants to know what YOU thought of the story arc? Did "R.I.P.</b<" make you feel alive? Did it kill your interest in Batman? Or something in-between?

Lets us know right below in our latest reader poll. You don't have to be a registered member of our community to participate. And of course, please consider yourself invited to stick around to discuss the results and the storyline with your fellow fans…

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