POLL - How Do You Rate 'Batman R.I.P.'?

POLL - How Do You Rate Batman R.I.P.?

An ultimate betrayal. A secret hidden Batman personality. The mysterious phrase "Zur-En-Arrh". Bat-Mite! New questions (perhaps?) about Bruce Wayne's father. And of course the ultimate fate of the Dark Knight?

Batman R.I.P. concluded last week in the pages of Batman #681 and in trademark Grant Morrison-written fashion, it was full of big, sometimes even off-the-wall ideas, perhaps as many new questions as answers, and of course, wide-ranging reaction from comic book fans.

Newsarama wants to know what YOU thought of the story arc? Did "R.I.P." make you feel alive? Did it kill your interest in Batman? Or something in-between?

Lets us know right below in our latest reader poll. You don't have to be a registered member of our community to participate. And of course, please consider yourself invited to stick around to discuss the results and the storyline with your fellow fans…

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