NBC Gives Heroes, Chuck January Off

Post Game: Heroes 3.4

If you caught any programming on NBC on Thanksgiving, you probably noticed all the promos for the networks upcoming shows, such as Superstars of Dance and Momma’s Boys, both of which debut in January and will air back to back on Mondays for several weeks, according to TV Guide.

As a result, new episodes of both Chuck and Heroes will be pushed to February.

As Newsarama readers are aware, the latter series has been plagued with problems in its third season – lowered ratings, a drubbing by critics, being targeted by Entertainment Weekly, and having two of its executive producers, Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander, fired.

Bryan Fuller, creator of the soon-to-end Pushing Daisies has strongly indicated that he will return to Heroes later this year. Fuller was a writer on the series during its first season.

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