Word Balloon: Marc Andreyko on the Return of Manhunter

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In this episode of Word Balloon, host John Siuntres chats with Marc Andreyko, the writer and creator of the current Manhunter in the DCU, Kate Spencer.

After a long time off, issue #31of Manhunter is out, and serves as a great jumping on point for new readers, including an opening 2 page sequence that tells you all you need to know about the unconventional Ms. Spencer.

Some quote from the conversation with Andreyko...

"Part of the edict from DC in our coming back, was that we would deal with real world issues but set in the context of the superhero world. Which was fine with me because there have been a number of real world issues that need more exposure...This is by no means 'Marc's soapbox,' it's just a way to tell stories that have an urgency and interest level."

On Artist Michael Gaydos joining the Manhunter creative team

"Unlike in Alias, Manhunter is a little bit more in the superhero realm, so it will be fun to see Michael flex his muscles, and do some real super hero action."

On Kate Spencer's six degrees of separation relations within the DCU

"Given their cousins relationship through his dad (Starman Ted Knight) and her grandmother, (The Golden Age Phantom Lady, Sandra Knight) I would love to co-write a scene with James Robinson featuring Kate and Jack (Starman) Knight in Golden Gate park with their kids. No surprise fights with super villains, just two cousins with their kids talking about, 'How did we get ourselves into this type of life?' "

On Marc's appreciation of the fans and DC management bringing back the Manhunter series

"I am completely flabbergasted by the amount of goodwill the fans have shown this book, we may only have 17,000 fans but they are passionate about the character...to literally have a book canceled and uncanceled twice over the course of six months is incredible, exhausting, but also very flattering and I take the responsibility of writing this book seriously, because I love these characters as much as they do."

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