Don't Forget - Cast Off: Who Should Be Wonder Woman?

Cast Off: Wonder Woman?

This morning, we posted the results to Newsarama’s first Cast Off – that is, a poll of who Newsarama readers are hoping will play a role in an upcoming film. Our first Cast Off centered on Captain America, given that he’s got a film coming up, to be directed by Joe Johnston and written by the Narnia team of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. The winner? Fringe’s Mark Valley was selected by Newsarama readers to play the star spangled Avenger.

As far as things go on Newsarama, hey, it was kind of fun. So let’s try it again. In fact, let’s try it with a character who’s a touch more iconic, and (if fortune smiles on Hollywood and Warner Bros.) should have a film coming sometime within our lifetimes: Wonder Woman.

Most recently, Beyonce caused some waves saying that she was interested in playing the Amazon Princess – something that was largely met with…shall we say, skepticism…by fans (although we still have to agree on her point that she could rock that costume). So that brings up the question – who would do justice to the role of Wonder Woman in film?

Sure, there’ve been some names tossed around over the years – while he was working on the film; Joss Whedon was reportedly partial to Cobie Smulders, while fans recently set up a hoax-teaser site featuring Megan Fox in a Photoshopped costume. Other names over the years have included Priyanka Chopra and Jessica Biel, and hey, if we were in charge, we’d toss Nadia Bjorlin, Anne Hathaway and Ada Nicodemou into the mix, we would.

So what actress out there has what you feel it takes to play Wonder Woman?

Oh – and we’re officially removing Lynda Carter from contention – we figure it’s already a given that when the movie is eventually made, the original Wonder Woman will be brought in to play Wonder Woman’s mother, Hippolyta.

We’ll run this the same as with Captain America – we’ll poll the readership, narrow it down to three, and then call for a vote. Our schedule may be a little different due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, but we’ll try our best to keep this on a schedule.

So let’s hear it…

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