Bad News for Eli Stone, Daisies - Good News for Heroes?

Guggenheim on Eli Stone

ABC dramas took a hit as the Hollywood trades report that Eli Stone (created by Amazing Spider-Man writer Marc Guggenheim), Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money did not receive orders for additional episodes. While technically, the series are not cancelled, and will complete production on their 13 episode orders from the network, the difference between “no more hours being ordered” and “cancelled” is seen by many as being academic.

Where this news plays into comic-related news (aside from the lousy news for Guggenheim, obviously) is that Daises producer Bryan Fuller has opened the door for wrapping up the series – in comics. The producer told’s Michael Ausiello:

"We would love to continue telling this season's arcs in a comic book format, just to tie up all the loose strings -- and believe me, there are plenty. That way we can tell a stand alone movie story that doesn't have all the baggage from the second season stories -- and those bags are packed!"

Additionally, Fuller, who was a consulting producer on NBC’s Heroes has previously told that, “"If Daisies isn't picked up by then [by Mid-January, when the 13th episode is scheduled to air – and it hasn’t been], I will definitely be going back to play with my friends at Heroes."

Fuller wrote for Heroes during the acclaimed first season, most notably the episode “Company Man,” which is seen by many fans as the series’ best single hour. also reported that, according to an “insider,” that Fuller would not be immediately hired on as a writer for the series (to replace either Jesse Alexander or Jeph Loeb who were fired earlier this month), as the bulk of the third season’s episodes have been written. Instead,’s source claimed, Fuller would possibly come back to the series as a consultant.

Also included in the ABC news of interest to Newsarama readers who are fans of the show, Scrubs, which moved from NBC to ABC will premiere on the network January 6th at 9 p.m. ABC will air two episodes back to back for the first two weeks of the series’ run.


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