Captain Marvel Moves Closer to Film?

Captain Marvel Moves Closer to Film?

Could DC’s Captain Marvel finally be moving closer to the big screen?

According to Variety Warner Bros. has signed Get Smart director Peter Segal and his production partner Michael Ewing to a three-year first-look deal at the studio. Segal has been attached to the John August-written Captain Marvel for over two years, and as part of the deal with Segal, Warner Bros. acquired the film project from New Line. Warner Bros. has also taken a renewed interest in its DC Comics properties, looking to accelerate its output of superhero films.

That said, Segal has at least two movies lined up before a possible Captain Marvel - Liam McBain: International Tennis Star and Proper English Geezer and a sequel to this year’s Get Smart with Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway and Alan Arkin.

It’s been widely reported that the film will be an origin story for Captain Marvel, who gains the powers of the gods when he says the magic word “Shazam!” and that Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson is on board to play Black Adam, the similarly-powered nemesis of Captain Marvel. Given that Johnson starred in Segal’s Get Smart, his participation in the film continues to seem likely.

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