The Final Three Captain America Contenders: Who Do You Pick?

The Three Captain America Contenders

Last week, we opened up the question to Newsarama readers: Who should play Captain America in the upcoming First Avenger: Captain America. The movie is about as much as a foregone conclusion (as far as these things go – it already has a director in Joe Johnston, and as announced today, the Narnia writing team of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

So - 301 responses later, you’ve narrowed it down to three top vote getters (in no particular order):

Nathan Fillion

Aaron Eckhart

Mark Valley

For those who were keeping an eye on the responses, Fillion and Eckhart are probably no real surprises as they both had strong support from the start. Valley however, came in strong in latter suggestions, with many suggesting that his background as a veteran (he graduated from West Point and served in Desert Storm) as a perfect fit for the character, while the strengths of the other two actors (Eckhart – looks and strong jawline, among other things; Fillion – strong genre cred thanks to Firefly and more) were similarly noted.

Interestingly, a large number of respondents voted for a “newcomer” to fill the role, a la Christopher Reeve in 1978’s Superman: The Movie. It should be noted that the number of votes for a hypothetical newcomer were less than those received by the three finalists above.

We’ll have some of the other more…unique picks and very interesting rationale some folks used to make their choice coming up on Friday when we announce who Newsarama has chosen to play Captain America, but first, Newsarama has to chose who they want to play Captain America. So how do we do that?

It’s simple, but please – for the love of all things holy (and the sanity of the guy who has to count the votes) follow these directions. The vote is now between Fillion, Eckhart and Valley. Of these three actors, who would you most want to see play Captain America?

What we’re looking for is simple responses – just the name of the actor or the name and a few words if you’re looking to sway your case. If you’re looking to bash the three choices, or other folks’ selections, please head somewhere else to vent. What we’re looking for here is a winner with a clear majority of votes.

Got it? Good. Get to voting. One vote per poster, please.

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