First Look: DC Direct's Convention Batman and Joker Figures

Batman, DC Direct Con Exclusive

Not only is 2008 the Year of the Bat (there’s a movie coming out, we believe), it’s also DC Direct’s 10th anniversary. That led DCD’s head honcho Georg Brewer to working up something kind of special to mark the year – and a first for the company – exclusive 6” figures for the San Diego Comic Con and WizardWorld: Chicago. Batman will be availabe in Chicago, both will be available at San Diego.

We spoke with Brewer about figures and the plan. Rotate through, and click on the thumbnails at the top for larger, full versions.

Newsarama: George, why go with 6" scale exclusives this year? Are we correct in thinking these are the first 6" scale DC Direct con exclusives?

George Brewer: These are DC Direct’s first ever convention exclusive product, and as this is our tenth anniversary we thought there would be no better time to do it. We are very excited to partner with Graphitti Designs, who will be selling the exclusive figures at each of the two shows. DC Comics and Graphitti have a 20 year history of collaborating on special projects, from the original hard cover collections of The Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen and Kingdom Come to the first DC Direct statues (before we were even branded DC Direct).

NRAMA: How did you arrive upon Batman and Joker figures for the exclusives? What put them at the top of the list?

GB: Aside from these two figures being nice iconic interpretations of two classic characters, the attention that Batman and Joker will be getting this summer has never been hotter.

NRAMA: Batman is a re-do, correct? And the Joker is fairly new?

GB: In a sense, you are correct. Both originated in the Batman and Son assortment and while Batman is a re-deco the Joker has been significantly changed. We sculpted a new torso and feet for the figure to create the creepy Arkham Asylum look, which was something we had designed as a possible variant back when we first created the figure.

NRAMA: Tell us about the delivery – these packages look pretty cool.

GB: Each figure includes a based that features the tenth anniversary logo. The packaging itself is something unique to this product. Collectors will see a new fifth panel box design that is individually stickered with the appropriate convention logo on the front.

NRAMA: Batman and the Joker are available at this year’s conventions. After the cons, will these be available to non-con goers through some other venue?

GB: If there are any figures left after the two shows end they would be made available on the Graphitti web site.

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