Obama Makes First Comic Book Appearance as President Elect

The meeting between the Dragon and Obama

He may have just met with President Bush in reality, but in comics, Barack Obama has just met the Savage Dragon.

That’s correct – though he has only had the term “President Elect” in front of his name for one week, Barack Obama is already meeting comic book characters.

In comparison, it took Kennedy years to meet Superman.

In a strip exclusive to The Chicago Tribune's ”Geek to Me” blog in its Red Eye section, Erik Larsen’s Dragon shared a handshake with the President Elect as Obama himself made note of a change in the Dragon’s status quo – he’s rejoining the Chicago Police Department after a twelve year absence. Officially, Dragon will rejoin the force in March’s Savage Dragon #145, when he rejoins the force to once again take on the Vicious Circle.

"Writing and drawing Savage Dragon as a cop after nearly twelve years feels good--it feels right," Larsen told the Tribune. "It's a homecoming of sorts and it's a joy to be back."

The appearance makes sense of course, as Larsen had the Dragon endorse Obama for President in September’s issue #137, a move for which the creator caught ire from fans who felt that comics and politics should not meet. While some fans swore that the issue would be their last of Savage Dragon, Larsen, in speaking with Newsarama, chuckled the upset off as a tempest in a teapot, pointing out that, while his character would occasionally reflect the feelings of his creator, the endorsement was related to the story, in that the Dragon’s popularity was at an all time low, and he would try and buoy his image by linking himself to any shining star.

Though Larsen joked with the Tribune, saying, "I think Savage Dragon is what put Obama over the top.”

Politics are no new subject for Savage Dragon, as the Dragon did run for President himself – and won – well, the Supreme Court stripped him of the position, but still.

Obama joins a small group of Presidents who have appeared in comic books over the years, including Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, FDR, and of course, John F. Kennedy who met both Superman and Superboy. And hte appearnace makes sense in another regard, as it was reported recently that Obama enjoys comics, and collects both Spider-Man and Conan, the Barbarian.


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