Questions We Want Answered in 4th Season Finale

Tonight (Thursday, 5/29) the ongoing TV phenomenon known as Lost completes its fourth season with a special two-hour finale. During its four year run, Lost has intrigued viewers with its various ongoing mysteries and complexities. While the show's creators have made it known that they'll produce two more seasons to [hopefully] answer all those unanswered questions, no doubt many fans will be tuning in tonight hoping some mysterious are solved.

So here's at look at Newsarama's wish list of the Top 10 Lost Questions We Would Like to See Answered in Tonight's Season Finale

1.) What is the meaning of the Four-Toed Statue?

Ever since it made its ominous appearance, we have wondered, who built it? Why is it there? What is its meaning. Lindelof and Cuse have promised we would find out, but when?

2.) What do the numbers (4, 8, 15,16, 23, 42) mean?

Meanwhile, both Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have stated we might never find out a basic meaning of the numbers, but they have caused plenty of havoc in Hurley's life, haven't they? The numbers have shown up on one of the hatches, as Hurley’s winning lottery numbers that led to his boarding Oceanic Flight 815, and usually signify danger. While the creators might never give us a definitive answer, we want to know more about their significance.

3.) What exactly is "The Monster" aka The Black Smoke?

One of our most burning questions, what exactly is The Monster aka The Black Smoke? Is it The Island's security? How does it do what it does? Is it Judgment for those "not worthy" or something far more sinister? How did Ben summon it? There are many questions when it comes to the agenda of The Monster.

4.) How does Charles Widmore know about the Island?

Not only does he know about the Island, he believes it belongs to him. How does he even know about it? Was Charles part of the DHARMA Initiative or did he fund it? And if it is his, why can't he access it? And what does Ben have to do with all of that? What does Desmond have to do with any of it or is it the Island protecting itself from Widmore?

5.) Who is in the coffin?

In one of the flash-forwards, Jack shows up to a wake or funeral for someone. All we see is a coffin. No other people are there. Obviously this death is of some importance to Jack. Is it one of the Oceanic Six? Could it be Ben? Someone else from the Island? We want to know!

6.) What is the connection between the passengers and the Island?

What is the connection of the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 and The Island? It is obvious by now that these people were gathered together for a reason. And the Island's healing powers have seemingly cured Rose and Locke and even helped Jack heal faster than he normally would when recently injured while it either made Ben sick or saved him by delivering Jack.

Plus there's the mystery of Aaron. Walt's powers, Vincent's tracking ability, all of it. Why did the Island need these specific people and how did either the Island or Oceanic Airlines know they would be so interconnected?

7.) Who is Richard Alpert?

Does this guy even age? How is it possible that he can meet Locke when he was a child and be around the same age when Locke is now an adult? Richard recruited Juliet for Mittelos Bioscience Project. He helped Ben with the takeover from the Dharma Initiative. And he hadn't aged a day in any of these encounters. What is this guy's deal?

8.) Who is Jacob?

There is much speculation as to the identity of the ever-elusive Jacob. A part of Ben and Locke's psychosis or is Jacob truly this "higher power" that Ben subscribes to? Maybe Jacob is truly real. Whoever or whatever Jacob is, the answer is probably coming for season five. And we are taking bets; it will be one of the surprises of the year....

9.) What exactly is the mission of The DHARMA Initiative?

Going back to the beginning, the DHARMA Initiative has been looming over the legend of the island. Ben claimed he drove the Dharma people off (killed them, actually), but we must remember this is Ben talking. It's all in the exact phrasing. The DHARMA Initiative has spread its influence over "Lost" since episode one and we suspect it isn't over yet (btw, we think Charles Widmore has something to do with it).

10.) How does time travel play a crucial role in the whole Lost universe?

This is the new question for us. Ever since Desmond time traveled, we've wondered about the flash forwards, flashbacks, and everything in between. The time difference that Daniel has found between the ship and the Island, who is whose "constant", and can anyone time travel? That would explain what year it is when the Oceanic Six come back "home", wouldn't it? All in all, the time travel aspects of Lost have opened up a whole new dynamic that we are very intrigued by and have opened up a whole new ton of questions.

That covers the questions Newsarama most wants answered. How about your "Losties" … ot is that "Lostites?" Feel free to add your own here and discuss among your fellow fans…

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