'Brit' Comes to a Close - Robert Kirkman Explains

Robert Kirkman has confirmed for Newsarama that his series, Brit, written by Bruce Brown and drawn by Nate Bellegarde will be ending with January’s issue #12. The issue will feature two stories, the twenty-page lead, which Kirkman will co-write with Brown, and a ten page second story, which Kirkman will fully write.

We spoke with the writer and the new Image Partner about drawing the series to a close.

Newsarama: Robert, what brought about the ending of Brit? You made a strong argument about being able to live off of your creator-owned titles when you were named Image Partner...is there a...weakening here in your titles, or was this planned?

Brit #12, page 2
Brit #12, page 2
Brit #10, page 2

Robert Kirkman: I'm not going to say it has nothing to do with sales. The fact is the book sells a fraction of what Invincible, The Walking Dead and The Astounding Wolf-Man sell. But I could have kept it going. I blame a horrendous shipping schedule for the low sales... something that I must shoulder the bulk of the blame for. Bruce is doing some really cool stuff on the book and Nate Bellegarde took over on art at issue #7 and the book is something I'm very proud of. It's just hit a point where I'm doing a lot of work on the series, despite not writing it, and I thought it might be best to pull Brit out of the game for a bit--so that I can bring him back later... when I can ensure that we can remain on a steady schedule for the duration. Also, I'm doing a lot of work on Haunt with Todd McFarlane and Image United as well as a few top-secret new creator-owned projects that I hope to roll out toward the middle or end of next year. My time is just best used elsewhere right now.

In fact, all of my titles, including Brit have seen a small jump in sales since I left Marvel... so things are still very much going strong. I have more free time and am in complete control of everything I do... I couldn't be happier.

NRAMA: Early on, you handed this series over to Bruce Brown, until then, a relative unknown. What was the working relationship like between you two throughout the run?

Brit #12, page 3
Brit #12, page 3
Brit #10, page 3

RK: Bruce wrote the book and I was the story-editor. I didn't do much more than your average Marvel editor. I would say, "Maybe this would be a better ending" or "This would make a cool opening scene for this issue" or "That character wouldn't say that" things like that. As there series progressed and my time started to free up a little after I left Marvel, I became a little more involved... but not overly so. Bruce has really brought a lot to the series.

NRAMA: You want to confirm, one last time that you aren't Bruce? [laughs]

RK: Bruce wasn't completely unknown when I hired him to do Brit. He had written a few things for my old publishing company FUNK-O-TRON and he did a Batman Black and White story for DC. Bruce and I have known each other for almost eight years at this point. I'm sure there's a photo of us together somewhere. Also, our writing is fairly dissimilar.

NRAMA: As a series, did Brit do what you were hoping? What exactly were you looking to do with it, by the by?

Brit #12, page 4
Brit #12, page 4
Brit #10, page 4

RK: I wanted it to tell some cool stories involving Brit, maybe cement him a little more prominently in the Invincible universe and expand on that world a little. It did that. So I'm pleased... and it's a couple more TPBs for the backlist. That never hurts.

NRAMA: What does Brit ending mean for the greater "Kirkman-verse"? Are you looking to replace it immediately?

RK: With the "on time in 2009" initiative that I've just announced... expanding is not going to be something I'm looking to do until we're well ahead of schedule. Expanding is something I would eventually like to do, though. I have a lot more ideas for Brit and past series like Tech Jacket and Capes, that all take place in the Invincible universe.

NRAMA: You're coming in to end this - co-writing the first story and fully writing the last. Why did you feel the need to do that?

RK: Well, now that I'm no longer under contract with Marvel, I couldn't resist... I love Brit, he's one of my favorite creations... and it's been a good long time since I've been able to write him in more than a cameo in Invincible. Also, this final issue is very important to Brit's story--it finally introduces his brother and it deals with his origin in a very small way--so I'm co-writing the full-length final issue story with Bruce. Then I'm doing an addition ten-page epilogue--which is going to finally reveal Brit's origin, how he got his powers, where he came from--all that business. Up until know... it's all been a mystery... I'm really excited to finally get to tell this story.

Brit #12, page 5
Brit #12, page 5
Brit #10, page 5

NRAMA: All of this said then, what does the future hold for Brit, Jessica, Brittany, Jr, and the rest, since they are a part of the tapestry that makes up your other titles?

RK: They'll be appearing in Invincible and The Astounding Wolf-Man at some point. The final issue hints at a lot of things that are coming up ahead for the character--so this may be the end of the current series, but we'll definitely be seeing this guy and his supporting cast again very soon. One thing I missed the most when I was under contract with Marvel was freedom to do whatever, whenever. Brit started as a series of 48-page one-shots... when I was under contract I got an idea to do a new one of those--and couldn't. Now that I'm free... if I get an idea I'm excited about, I can call up an artist then and there and get started on something. I thrive on spontaneity when it comes creator-owned comics. So who knows... we could see a new Brit book very very soon.

Anything is possible now.

Brit #12 is due in stores in January from Image Comics.

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