Blog@'s WizardWorld: Texas Reports

You may have thought that convention season was long over, but you’d be wrong – this weekend saw WizardWorld: Texas in Arlington, Texas. Blog@’s Aron Head hit the show, and filed three reports from the floor: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Some highlights:

- Along with others at the show, Head found himself wondering if this would be the last year for the smallest Wizard show, given its, well, size and the problems besieging the larger Wizard organization over the past year.

- Legion of 3 Worlds will be a very important book for the next three years of DCU storytelling.

- iVerse’s comic reader for the iPhone quite simply, rocks.

- Matt Sturges will write Run! a post-Final Crisis tale featuring a character who is central to Final Crisis. Freddie Williams III will handle the art.

- “Last Days of Animal Man” is coming soon

- John Cassaday has a standing invitation to draw Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics for Joss Whedon, but Cassaday said that he is far too busy

- Dynamite Entertainment is looking to land the comic book license for The Green Hornet.

- Your parents are correct - college can help you in your career as a comic book creator. 

- Next year, the show will be held November 6-9th. 

Click on the links above for the full reports.

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