Marvel Digital: Super Hero Squad

Marvel Announces Super Hero Squad

As we’ve been reporting, Marvel has been launching a number of new projects at – new comics that are making their debut exclusively online. The latest in the list – Marvel Super Hero Squad, an all-ages comic based on the popular toy line from Hasbro.

The set up – aimed at an all-ages audience, the story focuses on the characters of Super Hero City – some good, some evil.

What were you expecting?

The strip is written by Paul Tobin with art by Marcello Dichiara and Chris Sotomayer, and we spoke with Editor Nate Cosby and’s John Cerilli for more.

Newsarama: Super Hero Squad was announced as a one shot - before we get into the new distribution of it on, Nate, can you give us an idea of what it is? These are based on the toy line, right?

Nate Cosby: Correct! Marvel Super Hero Squad is based on a series of toys called…

Excuse me one moment, Matt…


…ahem. I’ve just been informed that the characters we’re using are indeed based on a toy line called “Super Hero Squad.”

Sorry, I haven’t bought toys in a while.

NRAMA: Your bad. So How did things progress from toy line to comic strip, and how did Paul, Marcelo and Chris get involved?

NC: It was pretty interesting how it happened: See, Paul, Marcelo, and Chris actually live in my office at Marvel. (Just because the Iron Man movie did well doesn’t mean we here at the House of Ideas are getting all flash with our cash.)

So we sublet the editorial floor to people, and one day I was working on a new miniseries, Wolverine Vs. Adamantium Toenail Clippers, when I accidentally kicked Paul, who was sleeping under my desk. That made his elbow move, which hit Marcelo, who hit Chris, and they all woke up. I had to get them back to sleep (all they do is play video games in here really loud), so as a negotiation tactic to get them back to sleep, I agreed to create a one-shot that they could write, draw and color.

Pretty much the same way the Loeb/McGuinness Hulk series came about.

NRAMA: We’ll take your word for it.

What are the stories starring the characters like? Chris' strips before have always had a sly wink and nudge to them, but being that these are based on toys aimed at kids, will these be a little more..dunno...gentle in their approach?

John Cerilli: Best way to know for yourself is to just check them out:

Much like the toys themselves, these comic strips are simply a very fun take on the Marvel Universe aimed at an All Ages audience.

NRAMA: How did the strips go from being collected as a previously announced one shot to appearing online as a daily?

NC: MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nah, not really. Magic sucks.

We figured we’d start drawin’ ‘em up, let ‘em show up in the back of the All Ages books, then let ‘em start showing up daily online, then collect ‘em all up in a comicy one-shotness. Just started rollin’ that way. The cool thing is folks can read them for free as we issue them one per day every weekday on and

NRAMA: Speaking of their online home, will they be blended in with the other Marvel Digital Comics, or more set on their own and into

JC: Nope, not blended in with other Marvel Digital Comics. They’ll post simultaneously on both and We thought this was appropriate programming—much like the daily strips people look for and expect to read in newspapers. Check them out here:

NRAMA: What kind of stories are we going to see here? Strip comics have had a rich history in the larger comics landscape, so will these be embracing that tradition, or be more of a comic page presented daily?

NC: Our history will be rich as well. We’ll be making fun of the jumongous tapestry of Marvel History, which is…I dunno, Marvel’s been a company for at least 10 years or so, right? We don’t know. We wake up and decide what we feel like writing and drawing. More fun that way.

NRAMA: Will the comics introduce new characters to the lineup, or are you limited to the figures that are out?

NC: To be honest, I’m not really sure. I read a Hulk comic when I was about 8, so I know he’s been around for a while, but all of these other guys (Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Falcon, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Dr. Doom, Dormammu, Enchantress, Absorbing Man, Mole Man, Abomination, M.O.D.O.K.) are a complete mystery to me.

NRAMA: Well, if you’re going to be difficult…

You've got to leave us with a tease, even if it's a silly one...what are some of the upcoming stories?

NC: Hulk opens a restaurant that requires you to not wear shirts or shoes.

I feel like I’ve already said too much…

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