The Stars of Dinicartoons: Polly Green

Dinicartoons: Polly Green

EDITOR'S NOTE: Newsarama is hosting writer Paul Dini as he introduces the various characters who are center stage in his new "Dinicartoons" imprint at Top Cow. The imprint kicks off with the release of Jingle Belle: Santa Claus vs. Frankenstein later this year.

But now with Halloween still a warm memory in our minds, we present the first profile: Polly Green.

Name: Polly Green

First Appearance: Jingle Belle Jubilee (2001)

When under appreciated middle child Polly Green showed a serious talent for witchcraft, her normal but greedy parents realized they had a gold mine on their hands. Far from keeping Polly's magical skills a secret, her mom and dad dressed her in orange and black and quickly began to promote their daughter as the official witch of Halloween. Not an ideal situation for a nice girl who just wants to stay home and craft healing and self-esteem spells for her friends.

In addition to pimping their daughter's abilities on every conceivable media venue, Polly's folks tend to rely on her magic to solve all the Green families problems. They forget that as a witch, even normally sweet-tempered Polly has her wicked side, and when she feels she's been taken advantage of, she's inclined to send their wishes boomeranging back on them in unexpected and unwelcome ways. Polly always justifies it as being "for their own good," but she seems to enjoy watching her selfish relatives get their comeuppance.

Being so tightly linked to a specific holiday, Polly shares a close bond with Santa's daughter, Jingle Belle. They both struggle with family issues and get fed up with trying to meet their respective fathers' expectations. Polly is Jing's go-to girl on any subject that involves horror or sorcery, and can be quite a powerful magic-user when she puts her mind to it. Unlike many witches, Polly is allergic to cats and prefers the company of her loyal Boston terrier pup, Watson.

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