Shades of Dewey! Stephen Colbert LOSES Presidential Election

Marvel has released an image with word that Stephen Colbert, real-world host of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report has won the Presidential race in the Marvel Universe, beating Barack Obama and John McCain. “While many states still have yet to report their numbers, Colbert is already claiming a victory,” Marvel’s release states.

The announcement presumably marks the culmination of the Colbert storyline that has appeared in Amazing Spider-Man, which has seen the host interact with Spider-Man.

Colbert, of course, is a friend of Marvel, and was given Captain America’s shield shortly after the character’s death in March of 2007. Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada has appeared on the show two times, once to present the shield to Colbert, and again to promote Secret Invasion, where Colbert took the stance that Barack Obama was in fact, a shape-shifting alien Skrull.

The publisher did not mention if Colbert will recognize the election on his show, but given his tendency to report the news about himself, it’s highly likely that the host will point out his new office sometime this week on The Colbert Report.

UPDATE: Okay - don't worry about the Marvel Universe having a celebrity President. In a Dewey-esque (and clear DC-tweaking) turn, Marvel has released a second image, announing that Colbert has indeed lost the election for President to Barack Obama, who is now the President in the Marvel Universe. We're betting that Marvel is hoping he'll still mention it on his show, though. 

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