1st Look: Chip Kidd & Dave Taylor's BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN


It doesn't go in sale until May 2012, but DC is already starting to show pages from Chip Kidd & Dave Taylor original graphic novel Batman: Death by Design.

According to the publisher, the OGN "crafts a deft mystery around the architecture and design of Gotham City itself."

"Set against the period backdrop of an expansive Gotham City construction boom, the unique take on the Batman mythology is brought to life by acclaimed writer/designer Chip Kidd and fan favorite artist Dave Taylor. Together, they weave a singular tale that captures the flavor of the city as it's never been seen, while also creating an new look at Batman that re-imagines both the caped crusader and his iconic nemesis the Joker."

Here's a look at the design process of one-page introducing the Joker.

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