News Bytes 3: Beatles, Conduit, Ghostbusters and more

News Bytes 3: Beatles, Netflix, etc

News Bytes 3

Hey folks, there’s a lot of news every week in the gaming world. Now, we have this column which will happen every Friday. We’ll skim press releases, and sort out all the big stories. So here are some news bytes to round out your week.

Mario: Time to rock with the Beatles!: For the first time, the Beatles are licensing their music for digital use. iTunes you say? Nope. Amazon, perhaps? Not a chance. Harmonix and MTV? Oh hell yeah. The Beatles will be getting their own game ala Rock Band, but not actually called Rock Band. It won’t be downloadable content, either. The game promises to span the entire catalog of the seminal British rock group, with selections from every album totaling 45 songs. They’re also being presented in their original form, not remastered (though there will have to be some work to make them sound good when tracks are isolated for play). This is a huge coup for Harmonix/MTV, and one that will be felt especially hard when it’s playable…next year.

Sonic: The Conduit gets a publisher: The Conduit has been getting lots of press, as it’s a Wii game with looks that can be talked about in the same breath as most current gen games. Up until this week, however, it lacked someone to actually get it out to the masses. Well, Sega has stepped up to the plate, and is very excited to have the FPS in their stable. The game will use the Wii Motion Plus and Wii Speak peripherals and is due to hit stores in Spring 2009.

Solid Snake: City of Heroes finally comes to Mac: Thanks to TransGaming’s Cider technology, City of Heroes is making its way to Intel based Macs. The 4.5 year old MMO has stayed popular in the face of a lot of competition, but will have much tougher foes in the next couple years, with Sony’s DCU Online and Cryptic’s own Champions Online. The best part of this news is that Cryptic/NCSoft are using Cider. This gets Mac gamers one step closer to an official announcement of Champions and Star Trek coming to Mac. Hopefully it won’t take four and a half years.

Jill Valentine: Netflix. HD. Streaming. Xbox 360: One of the coolest features of the November 360 update is the ability to stream your Netflix “Play Now” playlist directly to your TV, with no additional programs necessary. Well, it just got better. This will be the first, and currently only way to stream High Def. Playable through component or HDMI, the video is of course only playable this way with the right TV and a hefty amount of bandwidth. Still, it’s nice to see the future coming so quickly.

Link: Formerly Vivendi properties finding new publishers: Since Activision Blizzard became a giganto-conglomerate, there have been a few big games up in the air. Well, the remake of Chronicles of Riddick has officially been grabbed by Atari. The game will now also be including a new campaign, rather than simply being a prettier version of the previous game. Atari also gains the rights to publish any sequels if they see success from this first one. On the barely-still-a-rumor side, they’ve also grabbed Ghostbusters, with sequel rights as well. The anticipated game, featuring a story and voiceovers by the original cast, looks to hit stores next year in conjunction with the 25th Anniversary of the movie.

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