Word Balloon: Gail Simone Talks Wonder Woman, Secret Six

Word Balloon: Gail Simone

In this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, we present another conversation with DC writer, Gail Simone. She answers fan questions that were posted at the Word Balloon forums  about her current books: Wonder Woman, Secret Six, and Welcome to Tranquility, her former works like The All New Atom, Birds of Prey, and earlier Marvel works like Gus Beezer and Agent X/Deadpool.

We also get writing tips from Gail, and hints at some future projects.

Some highlights from the session include...

Would  Gail ever write a huge DC wide event?

"I actually have a huge crossover pitch in that's been approved we pushed it back because I need to concentrate on Wonder Woman and the Secret Six launch. It's a story I feel needs to be addressed."

Gail considered making the schizophrenic Rose/Thorn a member of the Secret Six.

She wrote the first two drafts of the upcoming Wonder Woman animated DVD feature..

Despite being billed as a Grant Morrison inspired idea, Gail had more ground floor influence and say on the new Atom.

"I love Grant Morrison, but the truth is that for the All New Atom we both had individual Atom pitches in, each revolving around the idea of a weird (Ivy) town.     

Grant created the Panda character, and the first story featured in the Brave New World one shot.... and it was agreed that Ryan Choi would be Asian, but I created his Hong Kong background, and (all the rest) ... I love weird science stories, 1950's B-movie Sci-Fi films, and HP Lovecraft stuff .That book was way up my alley, but people don't realize that, because it's so different from what I did on Birds Of Prey."

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