MKvsDCU Script Review 2: Mortal Kombat

MKvsDCU Script Review 2: MK

Yesterday we had part one of the Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Script Review, and talked a bit about the DC version of the story. This go around, we’ll deal with the MK script. Let’s jump right in, and remember, there will be slight SPOILERS, though none of the major twists nor the gigantic final battle sequence will be discussed yet here. Sorry, spoiler wanters, but some things are better left for your first play through.

Superman’s equal, if he has one in the Mortal Kombat universe, would likely be Raiden. Fitting then, that Raiden opens this side of the story, having defeated Shao Kahn. While attempting to make his escape through a portal, a blast of lightning from Raiden seems to set the portal out of wack, sending it flickering back and forth with another imposing figure, before exploding altogether (for those that read the DC Script Review, this should sound pretty familiar).

Liu Kang, who is typically portrayed as the primary hero in the series, takes center stage after the opening sequence. There is no indication of him still being zombified, apparently now completely resurrected as a living breathing human once and for all. His story begins to run parallel with the DC version from early on. Just as in the DC version Scorpion replaces the Flash (as can be seen in the early story trailer), here the Flash replaces Scorpion after a battle.

There’s a large focus on things that are specific to the MK universe, thankfully. Liu Kang notices fluctuations in Chi, the teleportation devices the Special Forces use to get around cease to work, and yes, there’s plenty of cheesy dialogue. However, this story does seem to stick to a more serious tone than previous games. Kombat Rage infects the various characters here, just as it does on the DC side, again giving a more concrete reason to the classic “heroes meet, heroes fight, heroes team up to save the day” style story. The MK characters reach the “merging Earths” conclusion a little later than the DC folks, but otherwise the story runs almost perfectly in sync with its partner. Each of the major characters take the lead for their own chapter of the story, pitting them against a handful of DC and MK characters alike.

One notably interesting difference is the level with which characters fit into one another’s universes. The Mortal Kombat characters aren’t particularly out of place in the DCU. They’re somewhat strange, sure, but there’s such a gigantic variety there that they still somewhat fit. Conversely, the DC characters constantly seem out of place in scenes that take place in Earthrealm, home of MK. Likewise, for comics fans, some of the defeats certain DC characters suffer will likely be a bit hard to swallow, regardless of the magic and “rage” explanations that fit into the story. Really, there’s no previously established “this universe is more powerful than this universe,” so the precedent is being set for the first time here.

The main gist of this story has characters constantly looking for others, either to capture or to aid. It keeps the story going nicely, and serves as an effective introduction to established relationships in the MK universe, as well as a bit of “who’s who” for fans new to the DCU. The eventual final clash is identical to the DC side, with the obvious difference of controlling MK folks. This thing is truly epic, and will hold some great surprises for fans.

The story modes look to give a much deeper, more involved tale than any prior Mortal Kombat, and really a more involved tale than nearly all other fighting games. In addition, players can take a single character up the old-school “ladder” style gauntlet, and each character will have their own special ending to that mode, as well. Basically, this game is not going to be short of story to keep you entertained amongst the fighting, and using the scripts as indicators, the story will deliver and give players a fun new experience.

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe is due in stores for PS3 and Xbox 360 on November 16th in the US and November 21st in Europe.

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