Word Balloon: Daniel Way on Deadpool, Wolverine and More

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On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, host John Siuntres sits down with Marvel writer Daniel Way. During the conversation, Dan tells us about his future plans for the new Deadpool solo series that debuts in September, featuring art by Paco Medina . He also previews the next steps in Wolverine Origins, including the coming crossover with X-Men Legacy, entitled "Dark Deceptions," co-written with Mike Carey.

Some quotes from the podcast...

On wrapping up the Wolverine Origins "Deep End" Arc, which gave fans a taste of Way's take on Deadpool

"It was sort of the soft opening for the new Deadpool series. It gave Origins fans a comedic break...and it was an opportunity to show the Deadpool fans that I know what I'm doing with the character... I'm not going to change him, I like him the way his is. We've had a really good response from this arc."

On Deadpool:

"The way this first two (Deadpool solo) arcs have come together...(Editor) Axel Alonso just e-mailed me last Friday and said 'This is really starting to feel like a hit'... We know the story is super tight. It's a three issue arc that wraps right into Secret Invasion and plays a key part into the events of Secret Invasion... and the art that Paco is turning in, is off the charts. It's inspiring "

On Steve Dillon leaving Wolverine Origins:

"We'll work together again.we've always had so much fun, even going back to the Bullseye and Nighthawk stories. "

On Mike Deodato taking over the Wolverine Origins art chores:

"To have Mike come on, just the sketches I've seen him do...he's perfect. With Mike I can go as big as I want to, but also as dark and small too. It's going to be something to behold. "

On the "Dark Deceptions" crossover, which focuses on On Professor X's complicated relationship with Logan.

"The prologue (in issue #29) goes all the way back to the Hulk #181 and Giant Size X-Men #1, and leads us right into the crossover ."

"What is this relationship based upon? It's not a father/son thing, at least on Charles' part. At times they're comrades, but also they're adversaries ... Why did Charles Xavier bring this loose cannon inside the X-Men? Was it simply because it was better than having him outside the X-Men, or was it something else... and why would someone like Logan want to join this regimented team, with a set hierarchy and follow orders? This story answers those questions. It'll be big, dark, and bloody as hell."

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