Agent of S.T.Y.L.E.: The Many Costume Changes of SUPERMAN


He is an alien immigrant with a midwestern upbringing. Kal-El of Krypton, whose name translates to "star-child," was placed in a rocketship by his parents Jor-El and Lara and then launched into space just moments before his entire world erupted into radioactive debris. He landed on Earth and was raised in Smallville, Kansas by two farmers, Jonathan and Martha Kent. As he grew older and exhibited strange abilities far beyond those of mortal human beings, the Kents taught him the value of using his power to help others. Embracing what he saw as the ideals of the American Way, Kal-El grew up and decided to dedicate his life to protecting the world that had adopted him. Now he fights for truth as crusading journalist Clark Kent and, when the law is not enough or Earth is threatened by something truly otherworldly, he enforces justice as the costumed champion called Superman.

Superman has been part of our pop culture for over seven decades now. And recently, there's been a lot of buzz this week about his wardrobe. Many are talking about how he'll be depicted in the new live-action film Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder (Watchmen) and starring Henry Cavill (Immortals). And there's also been quite a lot of chatter about the Last Son of Krypton's upcoming wardrobe change in the pages of DC Comics, as the publisher is relaunching his books (along with the rest of their fictional universe) in September.

But the Man of Tomorrow is no stranger to costume changes. Over the years, he's had many different looks and even his original suit was not the classic design familiar around the world. So in this special Agent of S.T.Y.L.E., let's take a look at the visual evolution of Superman.

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