Warner Bros./DiCaprio Look at a Live Action Ninja Scroll

Warner Bros. Nabs Ninja Scroll Rights

In the world of anime, Ninja Scroll has proven to be nearly universal in its appeal, and now Warner Bros. is looking to turn animated phenomenon into a live-action film. Watchmen screenwriter Alex Tse has been attached to write the script, while the film version will be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way and Mad House – this according to Variety. Di Caprio is not planning to act in the film.

Ninja Scroll is the second anime that DiCaprio is looking to turn into a live-action film, as (also with Warner Bros.) his Appian Way has acquired the rights to turn Otomo’s Akira into a live action feature, in which he does plan to star.

Ninja Scroll follows Jubei, an enigmatic ninja who battles increasingly bizarre enemies as he moves closer to a confrontation with an old enemy who seeks to overthrow the government. Originally released in Japane in 1993, the film was written and directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. The Western version of the film was officially released in 1996. The film spawned a 13 episode animated series, and a sequel is classified as being "in production."

No dates or timeline was given for the live action version of the film.

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