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Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Wolverine #8, from superstar creators Jason Aaron and Daniel Acuña! Logan has cut his way through the hordes of Hell and the X-Men's heaviest hitters. Now, he'll take on his most imposing opponent yet himself! As his possessed shell of a body battles Cyclops to the death, Wolverine must fight the demons within for control because he may not make it out alive.

This arc of Wolverine was pull-out-all-the-stops fun, vicious and gut-wrenching a combination that Jason Aaron has cornered. And Daniel Acuña just drew the hell out of it. His art is so lush, he and Jason make an excellent team! exclaims Marvel Editor, Jeanine Schaefer. There are a lot of tough decisions that needed to be made here by all characters involved, and if you think the Red Right Hand is through with Logan yet or that he's through with them you're dead wrong. One word sums up the next arc of Wolverine: Revenge. And you'll never see the end coming.

With the whole world watching, Marvel's deadliest mutant will wage war inside and out when Wolverine Vs. The X-Men reaches its explosive climax this April, only in Wolverine #8!

WOLVERINE #8 (FEB110614)
Written by JASON AARON
Penciled by DANIEL ACUÑA
Cover by JAE LEE
Parental Advisory ...$3.99
FOC 3/28/11, On-Sale 4/20/11

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