Exclusive IDW Preview: TRAIN ME, GAMBLE OGN


Train Me, Gamble
Rudy Solis (w) Santiago Espina (a & c)
Andrew Smith, the world's largest monster bad-ass, has been given the task of defeating Admiral Porter, a military sociopath bent on ruling the planet Fistful. There is only one problem: Andrew can't fight worth a damn! In order to ensure his victory, he seeks out martial instruction from the greatest fighter in the galaxy: Gamble, a 10,000-year-old, jive talking, hard drinking, fast living man who doesn't look much older than a kid. Hilarity and large amounts of violence ensue, culminating in a climactic coming of age story set in the fun as hell future.
TPB FC $17.99 104 Pages ISBN: 978-1-60010-766-5
2010 Rudy Solis. All Rights Reserved.

Bullet points:
A cross between Incredible Hulk and Rocky, Train Me, Gamble is an action packed, comedic tale that will prove even a monster can be a hero...
Stand alone graphic novel!
Great morality tale!
A cross between science fiction and fantasy!


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