Checking in with Rags Morales - 'Super/Bat'

Superman/Batman #54

At the recent Baltimore Comic Con, Rags Morales was doing sketches at his table and talking about his new gig as artist on Superman/Batman starting with issue #53. The series, written by Green Lantern movie writer Michael Green and TV executive Mike Johnson, will kick off a new four-part storyline with Morales' art, “Super/Bat,” which sees Batman gain the powers of a Kryptonian, while Superman stands powerless.

"Silver Banshee shows up in the first issue, then we run around with Bane for a little bit," Morales said. "And in the story, Superman and Batman switch powers. So that's pretty crazy. It's a pretty cool story. I'm enjoying it a lot."

Morales said the upbeat and dynamic style of the scripts from Green and Johnson have been a welcome change for him.

"You don't realize, sometimes, when you're doing all these things with the crossovers and the serious stories just how dark they are until you see another script that's different. Another story that's got this kind of energy," he said. "Then you realize, wow, we are doing things that are kind of on the dark side. And when you're immersed in it, you don't see it. It's like when you're with somebody and they lose weight, you don't see it until someone else says something. But they write some really cool stuff. They're very fun to work with, and they're terrific guys. And they're really enjoying what I'm doing."

Morales said he's on the series for at least these four issues, although he's not sure if he'll be working on the series longer. But in the meantime, he said he's found a colorist on Superman/Batman whose work has him impressed.

"I've got to give props to a new professional. Nei Ruffino is going to be doing the coloring. I'm very proud of working with her. She has a good knack for atmosphere and seeing where you're coming from artistically. She's definitely adding another layer. She's somebody to be looking out for. You're going to enjoy her work," he said. Check above for the first two pages of #53, as well as a picture of Morales and a familiar friend at Baltimore.

After this Superman/Batman story, Morales said he's been told he'll do "some sort of back-up story" for the Secret Files tie-in issue to Final Crisis.

"Beyond that I have a few things in the works. Nothing that's been solidified," he said.

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