Fotos & Vigil on Frank Frazetta's Moon Maid

This January, Frazetta Comics continues their line of one-shots based off the world famous paintings of Frank Frazetta with Frank Frazetta’s Moon Maid.

The one-shot will bring back Faust and Frank Frazetta’s Dark Kingdom artist, Tim Vigil , to the Frazetta Comics world along with Frazetta Comics Artist/Editor Jay Fotos on writing duties for the very first time.

We spoke with the team about the one-shot.

Newsarama: Jay, you’ve been spearheading the Frazetta Comics line since the very beginning, but this is your first time writing a one shot. What led to the decision to take full control of this one shot?

Jay Fotos: I’m mostly known as “the colorist” but what people don’t really know I’ve been working professionally in the comic industry for over a decade, tied into many great tiles and working with the industries leading writers…I would like to think I picked up a few things over the years.

I’ve been involved on all levels of the creative process with Frazetta Comics and when Moon Maid came up I came up with a concept I really liked and said, “What the hell, I’ll write it too.” So Frank Frazetta’s Moon Maid will be my first “solo” writing gig, it’s a cool classic tale that I think the fans will really dig…also not forgetting to bring in cool monsters and fight scenes!

NRAMA: Tim, back again to bring us another Frazetta book, Frazetta’s Dark Kingdom showed that your style was a perfect fit for the Frazettaverse. Give us a little insight on how you handle the process and what we can expect to see this time around on Moon Maid?

Tim Vigil: Jay gave me a lot of information on how visually he saw this story. It is tight, dynamic and very panoramic. I tried to keep that in mind and also study more on the Frazetta ideals from his art. I want to keep a flavor of Frazetta but under toned in my own style, which is evident anyway to some sense. It is always fun to study Frazetta over and over again to reinforce thoughts, art and passion captured from his drawings and paintings. Frazetta always shows me my weaknesses as I study him...Damn it [laughs].

NRAMA: Jay, can we expect more books written by you in the near future?

JF: Right now I’m way to busy to focus on writing solely, I like it, but like I mentioned I’m involved with all the other projects and that keeps me fore filled creatively…for now. This is a cool opportunity and I just want to do the best I can do, only hoping you guys will enjoy it and having Tim back me can’t hurt right?

NRAMA: Tim, other than working on Frazetta books what else do you have going on?

TV: I am reworking a story I did 20 years ago called Gothic Nights with writer David Barbour. It’s our homage to the great Hammer horror classic films. Adding 20 or some pages to the story. I plan on bringing it out independently to reintroduce it to the comic audience. It’s some of my best work and is a joy to work on it again in this fashion I am giving it more room to be open visually in many scenes and more character information.

NRAMA: Jay, tell us what we can expect to see in ’09 from Frazetta Comics.

JF: For ’09, we plan to go bigger! On the plate right now, starting in Dec. ’08, our next series following up Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer is Frank Frazetta’s Silver Warrior, bringing back the same team of Joshua Ortega, Nat Jones and me.

Of course, we’re starting next year with Frank Frazetta’s Moon Maid, but are quickly following it up with Frank Frazetta’s Freedom, a “Frazetta Western” is written by Mark Kidwell (Frank Frazetta’s Dark Kingdom, Bump, ’68) and art by John Cboins (Graveslinger ). Frank Frazetta’s Neanderthal, written by Chris Ryall (Clive Barker’s the Great and Secret Show, Beowulf, Zombies vs. Robots) with art by Zach Howard (Shaun of the Dead, Spider-Man). Frank Frazetta’s Night Stalker, written by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Frank Frazetta’s Dracula Meets the Wolf Man) with art by Josh Medors (Frank Frazetta’s Swamp Demon, Runes Of Ragnan, G.I. Joe). And Frank Frazetta’s Combat, a “Frazetta war story” written by Joshua Ortega.

Then there’s two huge Frazetta Comics events: Frank Frazetta Jr’s Interlopers, a two issue series, written by Frank Frazetta Jr. and art by Josh Medors; and Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer II along with some other surprises in the works right now. Announcements to follow.

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