Don Cheadle Replaces Terrence Howard in Iron Man 2

Don Cheadle is the New Jim Rhodes

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming Iron Man 2 is now minus one Terrence Howard, but is adding actor Don Cheadle to replace him.

Cheadle will assume the role of Jim Rhodes, the best friend of Tony Stark/Iron Man, and also the military liaison to Stark Industries. There’s strong speculation that Cheadle will also be donning armor in the sequel to this summer’s film, as the Rhodes character looked at a silver suit of armor in the film and said, “Next time.” In Marvel comic book continuity, Rhodes wears a silver/grey suit of armor and goes by the name War Machine.

As for Howard? From THR:

Marvel had no comment, but sources close to the deal said negotiations with Howard fell through over financial differences, among other reasons. Marvel, which had wanted to work with Cheadle, then decided to take the role in another direction and approached the actor, who is shooting Antoine Fuqua's "Brooklyn's Finest" with Richard Gere and Ethan Hawke.

Rhodes is expected to play a larger part in the sequel, which is rumored to go beyond high-tech villains. Justin Theroux is writing the screenplay.

Jon Favreau will direct the sequel in which Robert Downey Jr is expected to return to the role of Tony Stark, along with Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts. As has been reported, and as the writer himself recently told Newsarama, the sequel will be similar in tone and approach to the monthly Invincible Iron Man series, written by Matt Fraction.

Iron Man 2 opens on April 30, 2010.

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