Word Balloon: Gail Simone - Secret Six Thinking

Word Balloon: Gail Simone

On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, writer Gail Simone takes us on a tour of Secret Six, the all villain team of misfits that got immediate fan acceptance from their debut in the Infinite Crisis tie-in series, Villains United.

We talk about the team's beginnings, a look at the core team members, and some hints at upcoming plot points for the series.

Simone says Six fans can expect the team to face insurmountable odds and foes of both sides of the DC. "You'll see (The Six) take on half the DCU villains, JLAers, and in an upcoming arc they get on the bad side of Wonder Woman." Also in the plans, a flashback look at each team members life, before joining the Six.

Says a grateful Simone, "Thanks to all the fans who are supporting this book, I've had so much good response from it...I really do love writing these disturbing characters."

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