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Spoilers abound . . .

I’m going to go on record with this right now. The Mohinder plot has grown from an annoyance into a full-fledged distraction. Not only does the show screech to a halt every single time the character is on-screen, I (like many others, I’m sure) can’t stop rolling my eyes at the embarrassing wholesale lifting of ideas from The Fly, Spider-Man, and, to an extent, Aliens. It’s a fact that you need to accept with this show that many of the plots map famous comic plots. But this is so egregious for such little reward that it’s ridiculous.

Let’s leave that for now (we’ll get back to it), and look at some of the other threads. As has been the case lately, some of the best moments in the episode hailed from the effects department. Canfield’s vortex power (reminiscent of those of Warp from DC’s Society of Sin) was a cool new addition, and was strong enough to represent a real threat in a couple of scenes. In fact, all of Canfield’s scenes worked, serving as a lynchpin to the ambiguity that exists in the strained relationships between Claire, Noah, and Sylar. I know that a lot of fans have been having some degree of trouble with Sylar’s “redemption”, but it’s at least interesting from a character point of view. I’d personally rather see Sylar as a powerful force in the gray area, something like Magneto was in the mid-to-late-‘80s.

Tangentially from this story branches Meredith. As she goes out to look for Claire, her first impulse is to put herself in the way of a super-powered man that she knows to be dangerous. This is a classic “dumb decision”. Meredith herself is now in harm’s way for no other reason than looking for Claire. Part of the defying of logic that occurs here is that a) if Claire’s Two Mommies were really that worried, they probably would have called Noah, and b) had they called, they might have discovered that Claire was with Noah. Instead, Meredith runs straight to danger. Good call!

In Hiro’s World, the big challenge of the day was dealing with the freshly exhumed Adam Monroe (aka Kenzei, the terrific David Anders). I liked the graveside scene wherein Hiro repeatedly used his powers to trap Adam in the casket. It was a quick way to demonstrate that yes, Hiro is powerful, and yes, he can accomplish things with some solid strategy. Of course, he allowed himself to be suckered at the bar (which he hilariously described as “The Cantina”; no further explanation needed), but gave us one of the episode’s big surprises when he stabbed Ando at the behest of Knox. I don’t think for a second that Ando’s dead or that Hiro’s turned on his buddy, but it was a pretty quick gotcha-moment.

Nathan was all over the place tonight. Waking up with Tracy, talking to Linderman in his head, rushing to Peter’s bedside . . . he’s busy. The most significant developments here were that Nathan’s powers aren’t biological, but also created by Dr. Zimmerman, and the revelation elsewhere that speedster Daphne ALSO talks to Linderman in her head. But wait! It goes further. It’s not Linderman at all, but Mr. Parkman, playing certain people to assemble a group for . . . wait for it . . . the not-so-dead-as-we-thought Daddy Petrelli!

So what say you now, kids? This latest twist with Mohinder too much for you? Is Sylar redeemed a good thing? Are things too diffuse? What say you?


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