Whilce Portacio on Spawn with McFarlane

Spawn by Whilce Portacio

Press Release

This October, SPAWN returns to its roots as series creator Todd McFarlane and fellow Image Founder While Portacio take the reins in issue #185.


"While I'm very happy with where Spawn has gone, it's long past time to inject some new blood into the series while also returning to its roots," said McFarlane. "I feel what  Whilce and I are doing with our co-writer, Brian Holguin, combines the old and the new in a way no one would have expected. That's a claim which gets tossed around quite a bit in the industry, but this one really changes everything."


Details on the new direction will roll out over the coming weeks, especially during the team's appearance at Wizard World Chicago, June 28. The convention will feature both signings and a panel delving into the plans for what's to come.


SPAWN #185, a 32-page comic book for $2.95, will be available in stores October 2008. For more on their Wizard World Chicago appearance, please see www.wizarduniverse.com. Further information about the SPAWN comic, and all things McFarlane, can be found at www.spawn.com

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