Full FREE Comic: STUFF OF LEGEND Vol 2 FCBD Special


Th3rd World has once again provided their full Free Comic Book Day preview of Stuff of Legend. If you missed it on FCBD, or your shop ran out, now you can read it right here!

The new volume is preview code: MAY101115 Available in Previews now for a July release, 4 issues series (bimonthly)

I absolutely could not put this down. Stunning art, a heart wrenching story, characters I truly root for--this should be on everyone's reading list. - Mark Waid

Following the liberation of the board game town of Hopscotch, a brave band of toys continues the quest to rescue their human master from the nightmare realm of the Dark. With the Boogeyman's army fast approaching for battle, Max the teddy bear and his friends discover one of the Dark's oldest secrets, and a new threat that could destroy them all.


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