Exclusive Aspen Preview: DELLEC #4


Dellec #4 Ships with 4 interlocking covers, click through to see the full image and the special 5th cover!

Frank Mastromauro & Vince Hernandez Story
Micah Gunnell Pencils
Rob Stull Inks
Peter Steigerwald Colors

Before DELLEC set out on his mission to eradicate all forms of ill repute
casting a shadow over society, he lived a normal life. A family life. Until
the day it all came crashing down on him in deadly and tragic
fashion?forever changing his destiny! Now, discover the truth about Dellec?s
past in this milestone issue that reveals how DELLEC came to be the man he is today and why he?s chosen such an impossible fate. And while the past
proves difficult for DELLEC to confront, his current situation proves even more problematic as he is forced to deal with a completely new foe
altogether: the law!

A brand new maxi-series brought to you by Aspen?s own Frank Mastromauro,
Vince Hernandez and Micah Gunnell, along with inker Rob Stull and colorist
Peter Steigerwald, DELLEC is unlike anything Aspen has ever done before.
This inventive new title is set to raise the bar on cinematic storytelling,
while keeping you on the edge of your seat every hair-raising moment.

Plus, to prove DELLEC's worth, we're bringing you this new series at our
lowest price ever! So take the chance and see why DELLEC will soon be one of
the most talked about new series in comics!


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