Exclusive BOOM! Preview: DARKWING DUCK #1


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Darkwing Duck: The Duck Knight Returns #1 is scheduled to ship June 2010.

Author(s): Ian Brill
Artist(s): James Silvani
Cover Artist(s): A: James Silvani, B: Magic Eye Studios, C: Jake Mylar/James Silvani

You demanded it. And BOOM! Studios delivers. Don't miss the long-awaited, much requested return of your favorite... DARKWING DUCK. Once St. Canard's greatest protector, Darkwing Duck was known the world over as The Terror That Flaps In The Night. Now, mysteriously, DW has not been seen or heard from in well over a year... and St. Canard finds that evil is once again on the rise. But when a nefarious plan threatens everyone, Darkwing Duck knows... it's time for the duck knight to return! LET'S GET DANGEROUS! with Disney and BOOM! Studios as one of Disney's most beloved characters makes a comeback in his own not-to-be-missed original mini-series!

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