Dark Tower: The Gunslinger The Journey Begins #1 Launches This May!

The Man in Black has laid ruin everything Roland Deschain holds dear and this May, the Lone Gunslinger embarks on an all-new quest to avenge his fallen gunslingers in Dark Tower: The Gunslinger The Journey Begins #1. Now's your chance to jump onboard the acclaimed Dark Tower series with this new blockbuster series! Join Robin Furth, Peter David and Richard Isanove as they welcome superstar artist Sean Phillips (INCOGNITO) into the ka-tet of creators entrusted by Stephen King himself to bring the adult adventures of his most personal creation to life! Featuring a variant cover by Dark Tower superstar artist Jae Lee, this is one issue you will not want to miss!

With the ka-tet gone and Gilead left in ashes, Roland sets out to hunt the Man in Black. Roland hasn't forgotten what John Farson did to the Affiliation and it only fuels the fire that burns within him. Will Roland finally reach the Dark Tower? Can he avenge his fallen comrades? Find out this May when Dark Tower: The Gunslinger The Journey Begins #1 hits store shelves everywhere!

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