Exclusive Aspen Preview: Michael Turner's SOULFIRE Vol 2 #4


Soulfire v.2 #4
Story by J.T. Krul
Pencils by Marcus To
Inks by Saleem Crawford
Colors by Beth Sotelo

Just when you thought the magic was over? Volume 2 of Michael Turner's smash
action adventure fantasy series, SOULFIRE, reaches its fourth pulse-pounding
issue! It's a fight to the finish as Benoist and Jakobi go head to head with
only one man left standing. Death has come, but it might not be for whom you think! On the other side of the world, Mal and Jayden are becoming closer than expected while Grace and Seph race against time to rescue the baby
dragon from the clutches of Rainer!

Soulfire #4 is in stores on April 21st

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