Exclusive Aspen Previews: IRIS #4, SOULFIRE 2 #3


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David Wohl Story / Eduardo Francisco art / John Starr - Colors

Secretary. Bodyguard. Assassin. The Executive Assistant is all of the above rolled into one. Enter EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS!

The exciting fourth issue of Aspen's newest action adventure series, EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS takes a look at Iris's dark past and what led her
to become the deadly assassin she is today! Iris learns old wounds never truly heal as she revisits her youth and the brutal lifestyle she once inhabited in China. With revenge in her heart and tragic memories still burning inside her, Iris sets out on a mission to bring justice to the man
responsible for her broken path--and now cloudy future. And in the process, she could potentially save the lives of many other young girls headed down the same road she took.

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS #4 is in stores March 17th

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