Exclusive Aspen Preview: DELLEC #3


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Frank Mastromauro & Vince Hernandez Story / Micah Gunnell Pencils / Rob Stull Inks / Peter Steigerwald - Colors

After narrowly escaping death and dispensing his own brand of justice, DELLEC wastes no time in setting his sights on his next mark, a freak serial killer with some rather ... sadistic fetishes. However, like all things in Dellec's life, he'll come to discover the challenge is far greater than the reward and a lot more dangerous. As well, DELLEC begins to realize the violent events in his life are more than simply coincidental, as his destiny may have already been written in a wicked plan cast down at the dawn of mankind!

A completely brand new maxi-series, DELLEC is unlike anything Aspen has ever done before. This inventive new title is set to raise the bar on cinematic storytelling, while keeping you on the edge of your seat every hair-raising moment.

Plus, to prove DELLEC's worth, we're bringing this new series to you at our lowest price ever! So take the chance and see why DELLEC will soon be one of the most talked about new series in comics!

Dellec #3 is in stores April 7th!

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